Just 10 minutes away west of the city center is this recently refurbished museum which exhibits the Human Origins, Ecology of Kenya, Kenya’s natural diversity and geology. It is an excellent centre for one who is interested in knowing more about the origins of man as well as that of dinosaurs, the history of Kenya and East Africa in general. Next to the museum is the National Snake Park where a visitor may see a collection of live Kenya snakes such as the Cobra, Puff adder, Mamba and the Rock python. Others to be found are several species of crocodile and tortoise found in Africa as well as fish aquaria.




Located 10 km from the city centre, this museum was originally a farm house owned by a Danish Author Karen and her Swedish husband Blixen in 1917. The famous movie “Out of Africa”, depicting an autobiography of Karen was shot from her farmhouse. A museum shop offers for sale, artifacts, handicrafts, posters and postcards. The beautiful grounds surrounding the museum may be rented for wedding receptions, corporate functions among others, There is another Karen Blixen Museum in Rungstedlund, 25 km north of Copenhagen, Denmark where her burial place and gravestone are located. It is a rich part of the Danish cultural heritage.





Located on the shores of the island of Mombasa and overlooking the Indian Ocean, this historic fort was designed by an Italian architect and built by the Portuguese in 1593. Looked from up, the shape of the building is like that of the body of Jesus Christ, hence the name. The museum exhibits the culture of the coastal people, historical excavations from the coast and the history of the early settlers and the events that shaped today’s coastal civilizations.


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