About Touch Kenya Safaris

The Ultimate Safari

Touch Kenya Safaris is a tour operating company incorporated in Kenya. Our core business is three-fold ;

  1. To market Magical Kenya worldwide.
  2. To act as trusted agents for any person(s) interested in touring Kenya.
  3. As a destination management company, to provide the client with top notch customer service.

We are a reliable, caring, listening, responsive and friendly tour operator providing personalized service based on client wishes. We offer a well-thought off and thoroughly researched safari packages within Kenya and Tanzania. We deliver on our promises at all times and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our Personalized Service

We aspire to welcome you home, away from home. To take care of you and to make sure you have the best time ever outside your native country. We ensure you have witnessed our cultural diversity, Kenya’s topography, the courtesy and hospitality of the Kenyan people while still enjoying our flora and fauna. After visiting Kenya and experiencing our services, you will, with unbridled confidence say “I touched Kenya!”.

Our personalized service include;

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