Culture Language & Religion

“Culture” Of Kenya

With such diverse regional peoples such as the Swahili along the coast, several pastoralist communities mainly in the North and the different communities in Central, Western and Rift Valley regions, having a mutually acceptable cultural identification is difficult. Therefore, Kenya has no single culture that identifies it. There are more than 40 different ethnic communities in Kenya, each of these with its own unique culture and dialect, with some having intertwining cultural practices brought about by the close resemblance in the languages, intermarriages, similar environment and physical proximity of the ethnic groups. The ethnic groups are grouped into larger subgroups that are based on their cultural and linguistic similarities.

Languages Of Kenya

Kenya has two unifying languages which are, English and Kiswahili. English and Kiswahili are the official languages while Kiswahili is the national language. There are over 60 languages spoken in Kenya and this variety is a reflection of the country’s diverse population that includes most major ethnic, racial and linguistic groups found in Africa. Education in schools is carried out in English.

Religions In Kenya

The predominant religion in Kenya is Christianity, adhered to by about 80% of the population. Other faiths practised in Kenya are Bahai, Hinduism, Islam and various traditional African religions.

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