Health / Hospital

Compared to many African countries, Kenya has an elaborate health facilities including national hospitals, provincial hospitals, district hospitals and clinics as well as private hospitals and clinics all equipped with reasonable diagnostic laboratories and wards. It is also good to note that Kenya has a superior medical staff comprising of doctors, pharmacists and dentists specialising in various fields. Each year, the country pours into the market, a combined force of over 500 of these professionals. Furthermore, Kenya has medical colleges producing many health-trained personnel of clinical and pharmaceutical expertise as well as dental assistants, nurses and medical laboratory technologists.

In Nairobi, there is a state of the art hospitals which are Nairobi and Aga Khan while Mombasa boasts of the Aga Khan and Pandya hospitals.

While it is unlikely to fall sick on safari, we advise that you take a long with you, a medical kit of pain killer, anti-acid, anti-histamine, insect repellent and of course, any other medication your doctor may have prescribed. Some lodges in animal parks have a resident doctor. If you wish to be accommodated at a place with a resident doctor, please let us know and we will effect your request.

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