What type of accommodations are available in Kenya?

There are about 3-4 types of accommodations;

The first is Safari lodges which are essentially hotels in the bush which accommodate 100-200 guests. They consist of a restaurant, lounge, bar, swimming pool, amenities found in an ordinary hotel.        




The second comprise of tented accommodations which provide accommodation ranging from comfortable to luxurious. Most consist of large walk-in tents on elevated wooden platforms with beds, furniture and an en-suite bathroom with hot and cold water and a flush toilet. Most of this type of tented camps contain a restaurant, lounge, bar and swimming pool. They accommodate 20-100 guests and afford a more personal interaction with the natural habitat.




The third are what one may call Tented camps which have beds, bedside tables with reading lamps, bedrolls, towels etc. en-suite bathroom with hot and cold water and a flush toilet.




The fourth type is the mobile-tented camps which may move each day. The cooking is done in an open space usually next to a born-fire. This type obviously does not have the amenities/luxury of either lodges or permanent tented camps.




Please note that whether it is a hotel, lodge or a tented camp, bed arrangement will be done according to your specifications be it single, double, twin or triple. Please let us know what you want and we will have it done.