What types of Kenyan foods is available?

Ugali: Made from Maize flour. Add certain amount of flour to boiling water and mix thoroughly. Let it steam for about 20 minutes. Eaten with either meat,chicken or fish plus vegetables such as kale (sukuma wiki).


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Chapati: Made from white or brown wheat flour. Mix with water to make dough. Take a portion of the dough and flatten it on a flat board then fry it on a hot special pan until it attains a brownish hue. Chapati is similar to the Indian "Nan".





Irio (Mukimo): Made up of a mixture of maize, green peas, beans and potatoes and traditional greens all mashed together. Sometimes mixed with banana. Very nutritious. 


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Githeri: Made of a mixture of boiled maize and beans (or peas or both) fried with onion & tomato and occasionally with pieces of meat or even cabbage. Very tasty.





Nyama Choma: "Nyama" means meat while "Choma" means roast in Kiswahili. This is either salted goat meat, mutton or beef roasted on charcoal. This is the real Kenyan barbecue. Very tasty!

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Kenyan Barbeque: This is a huge chunk of meat in a barbecue metal stick roasted over charcoal. The Carnivore & Fogo Gaucho restaurants in Nairobi are experts at this. 





Mandazi: Made from self-raising wheat flour, eggs, sugar & milk mixed to make a dough, then deep fry. Add some spices e.g. ginger, cinamon and cardamon if you like.

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Samosa: Made from a mixture of wheat flour & water (dough) and then minced meat containing onion, garlic etc is put inside a portion of dough, wrapped/sealed into shape and deep fried to a brownish hue. The samosa may contain various forms of meat or just vegetables. It goes very well as a snack or an evening drink accompaniment.