Why Kenya

It is a very well known fact: Kenya is the origin of safari. Safari to Kenya is the ultimate safari. It is often said that once you have seen Kenya, you have seen Africa. Kenya is a diverse melting pot of cultures with courteous and friendly people. From the Maasai and the Kalenjin of the Rift Valley to the Kikuyu of Central Kenya, the Luo of Lake Victoria region and to the Swahili of the coastal region, Kenya presents an opportunity for you to interact with a myriad of cultures that affords your understanding and appreciation of the diversity that make Kenyans who they are.

Did you know that Kenya has been voted to have the best Tourism Board in Africa since 2012?

Kenya is home to extraordinary wildlife. “The Big 5” : The Elephant, The Rhino, The Buffalo, The Lion and the Leopard and “The Rare 5” : The Gerenuk, The Grevy’s Zebra, The Beisa Oryx, The Reticulated Giraffe and The Somali Ostrich are waiting for you. Only in Kenya may you see maneless Lion (in Tsavo National Park). Several other exotic animals are to be found in magical Kenya.

The new “8th Wonder of the World” is to be found right in Kenya. These wildebeest migrations and crossings are a beautiful spectacle to witness. When the Serengeti dries up, thousands of these beautiful animals cross the precarious Mara River on their way to the Maasai Mara in search of greener pastures. After a couple of months and when the Mara dries up, they cross back to Serengeti. These two yearly crossovers offer an excellent opportunity for you to witness. You will be amazed.

Nairobi, Kenya’s capital is a city in the wild. Known for being the only city in the world bordering a national park, Nairobi offers a host of business and conferencing facilities tailor-made to suit your needs and at the same time afford time to visit the nearby park. Standing on an open roof of a 4 x 4 safari vehicle, watch wild animals from Nairobi National Park with the city skyline framing your view in the background. It is thrilling!

What better way is there for you to relax than in the peaceful and pristine beauty of Kenya’s well preserved natural savanna? If you are out to build your body by conquering the world’s greatest peaks, hiking up Mt. Kenya, the snow capped mountain on the equator, is just what you are looking for. From Mt. Kenya and when you are well acclimatised, you may cross the border to Tanzania and conquer Mt. Kilimanjaro as well. If sandy beaches and the salty ocean breeze is what you desire, the pristine coast is your destination of choice. Kenya offers you a multitude of choices regardless of what your holidaying needs might be.

Pre-Historic and Historic sites are among the biggest tourist attractions in the country. Kenya is the best place to learn the origins of mankind because it is this very land that our human ancestors sprang from. Kenya is also home to many monuments that date back in history. Come and learn about the trade routes, early cultures and the Swahili civilisation at the coast, ironmongery and trade in the west, farming practices in the highlands and nomadic lifestyles in the north of the country. With so much culture and history waiting to be unearthed, your trip to Kenya will not only be relaxing and fulfilling, but an eye opener that will make you to proudly say you are fully exposed to the world.

So whether you are after a business oriented trip or a holistic safari experience, Kenya offers you all. It is commonly said that once you experience a Kenyan Safari, you will know why so many safari addicts keep coming back to Kenya. Kenya is not only a country but an experience in itself. Either come alone or bring along your loved ones, friends and colleagues. Take an ultimate safari with us Touch Kenya Safaris and experience Magical Kenya. Karibu Kenya, your home away from home. See you soon.

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